Posted September 8 2008
Independent Researcher Earl Killian's Projections For A Hoped-For Possible Future Energy Mix
Here are his comments that accompanied the research that he sent:
September 5 2008:
Please understand that this is what I hope will happen. It is not a prediction. I think it is possible, but only if the Federal government stops being AWOL. It will take massive leadership to close existing coal and natural gas power plants. I believe the Federal government will have to bail-out the investors in these plants (not that I think that is right, but I think it will be politically necessary). The quantity of wind is an issue, and I think we would want to accelerate "smart grid" technology to make this feasible.

Here is a link to the data (in Open Office Spreadsheet Format) from which the above chart was constructed.

Data and charts are posted by permission.
If there are any errors they are Earl's.

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